Mon 17


I really need to grow some balls ¬¬

Mon 10


Its been a hell of a long time since i looked at this.

Just got back from cyprus when i last posted. Made some good friends. Not talked to them in months :|

Started college bout 6 months ago now. Fuck me it doesn’t feel that long since i started. 

Met some new people at college some good, some arseholes :/

Some really nice ones too, if you get my drift ;)

Anyways i’ll try to keep this updated

 Not like anybody reads this or cares (Well maybe you danny)

Cos your the only one who knows

(Arctic Monkeys - Track 9)

i Thinks :)


Sun 19


was mint, messed about all day and night funny as fook. fairplay though :D

Sat 28


Spiderpig, spiderpig, does whatever a spiderpig does. can he swing from a web, no he cant cos’ hes a pig. LOOK OUT HERE COMES THE SPIDERPIG.

lol that made me chuckle 

Fri 20


Kierans 360 broke cos he put it in a drawer, silly boy. LOL mines all good cos i ROCK!!! :P